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Eric DeCosta: Ravens need to take more swings at WR

Ahead of his first draft in charge of the Baltimore Ravens, general manager Eric DeCosta believes his team needs to take more shots at the receiver position.

"One of the biggest things that we have to do is just take some at-bats and swing," DeCosta said, via the team's official website. "It's hard to be a .400 hitter if you're only at bat twice. We've got to take some chances. We've got to find some guys that we like and try to appreciate the really good football players, the guys that make plays."

Since 2008, the Ravens have selected just two receivers in the first three rounds: Breshad Perriman (first round, 2015) and Torrey Smith (second round, 2011). Over its history, Baltimore has plucked three first-round WRs: Travis Taylor (2000), Mark Clayton (2005) and Perriman (2015).

Over the past decade, the Ravens have selected 11 receivers, including last year's fourth-round pick Jaleel Scott and fifth-rounder Jordan Lasley.

Perriman famously bombed out in Baltimore, but the Ravens' low hit-rate when it comes to finding game-changing receiver help in the draft shouldn't deter DeCosta.

The state of the Ravens receiving corps has been a highlight of queries in Baltimore this offseason. Willie Snead currently sits as the team's No. 1 wideout. Snead is few people's idea of a No. 1 receiver, with all due respect. Chris Moore, Lasley, Scott and former undrafted Quincy Adeboyejo round out the current corps.

Taking over for legendary Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome, DeCosta could decide to take more shots at receiver early in this year's draft.

"Receivers come in all different shapes and sizes," DeCosta said. "Some guys are big and physical. Some guys are fast and run good routes. Other guys catch the ball really well. Other guys drop three or four balls but catch six or seven touchdowns. It really comes down to finding the guys that fit who we are, that we like, who can help us win football games."

Finding a player who fits into the Ravens system (read: is a good run blocker as well as a pass catcher) is the key for DeCosta. Whether he takes his swing in the first round or the mid-rounds, Baltimore is a good bet to add one or more receivers in the draft later this month.

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