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Denver's Britton Colquitt latest to bash Justin Tucker

The Broncos' special teams unit has thrown the challenge flag on Justin Tucker after the Ravens kicker exuded confidence he could nail an 84-yard field goal in pristine conditions at Denver's home stadium.

In the wake of Broncos kicker Brandon McManus offering an all-expense trip to Tucker to see if he could actually accomplish the feat at Mile High, Britton Colquitt decided he wanted in on the bashing as well. After all, punters are people too.

"I looked at that and I laughed," Denver's punter told Altitude Sports 950 AM. "Let's start here: Tucker loves Tucker. He loves himself so much, and I take it personally because Morgan Cox is (the Ravens') long-snapper and he was my long snapper at Tennessee.

"I also take it personally because I'm a holder. If I was a kicker, the last thing I'm going to do when I make a field is sprint as far away from my holder and snapper, as he loves to do and just does some kind of dance. That drives me crazy."

While the roast of Justin Tucker isn't airing anytime soon on Comedy Central, Colquitt has enough material to last an entire show.

"Second of all, you don't get on the air and say, 'I think I kicked an 85-yarder that hit the crossbar,'" Colquitt added. "If you hit an 85-yarder and hit the crossbar, you remember. You don't say, 'I think.' I'm pretty sure I remember him missing about 15 from 60."

Who knew that there was so much attitude in the high altitude?

If the target wasn't on Tucker's back already after his four-year, $16.8 million extension this offseason, saying he can break the NFL record for longest field goal by 20 yards surely does.

While the Broncos and Ravens won't face each other in the regular season, this newfound special teams beef is a refreshing break from the endless bickering between Odell Beckham and Josh Norman.

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