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Daniel Jeremiah's 2018 NFL Draft Day 2 takeaways

The second day of the 2018 NFL Draft was filled with a number of surprises, plenty of trades and quite a bit of former players trolling the audience from the stage. NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah wrapped up Rounds 2 and 3.

I think one of my favorite moments, because it was fun, was when the Eagles launched in front of the Cowboys and took Dallas] Goedert. It elicited a lot of attention from the fans when [[David] Akers got up there and talked trash. I think Goedert is a great fit there when you lose Trey Burton to be able to plug him into that role. They want to be able to play with multiple tight ends. You have Richard Rodgers, you have [Zach] Ertz and now you add Goedert. It's a pretty fun group.

On the Giants' draft: I think they've been awesome. I think they've gotten quality, value picks all the way throughout. They've gotten more explosive and athletic on both sides of the ball.

On the amount of Day 2 trades: I just think you have not much difference between the grades of players. It just comes down to what position you want and so you get a little bit nervous about certain positions getting wiped out so you make a move and go get it.

On Day 2 disappointments: I have to go back and look at it and go through that. It's hard to say at this point. I'll get a better feel of it. The Raiders have definitely been swinging for the fences. They're going with athletic, raw dudes. Arden Keyhas had some issues off the field as well. It's old school Raiders. If you're big and fast, we're going to swing for the fences.

Surprises still on the board: I'm kind of surprised Luke Falk hasn't been picked yet. I thought he would have gone today but I think he'll go tomorrow.

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