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Cowboys' Dak Prescott: Close victory over one-win Texans 'will serve us more' than blowouts

The Dallas Cowboys needed a furious comeback to beat the woeful, one-win Houston Texans at home on Sunday.

The Cowboys decided to play up the positive side of the test from the worst team in the NFL, insisting it would steel them for a postseason run.

"I think anytime you live through that and have a positive result, you're better for it," owner Jerry Jones said.

One can only imagine Jones' feelings had Dallas not eked out the victory and instead had a sleepwalking performance end in a loss to the NFL's doormat.

The Dallas D came up big, stopping the Texans from scoring a touchdown following a late Dak Prescott interception, his second of the game. Houston couldn't punch it in on four snaps inside the 5-yard-line when up 23-20, giving the Cowboys one last chance to earn the comeback.

Prescott led the offense on an 11-play, 98-yard TD drive to take the lead, and Dallas held on for a 27-23 win.

The QB said the close win would be more beneficial in the long run than a blowout.

"This will serve us more than I think the Minnesota game or even the way that we finished last game when it comes down to it because we're going to play some tough games as we get going," he said. "You got to play games like [this], one-score games here in the back end against our division or whether it be the playoffs. Just for us to have that confidence and trust in one another and continue to tighten our bond is something that we're going to need."

It's all well and good to spin positive, but against most any other team, the Cowboys would have taken an L.

Dallas (10-3) knows it can't play like it did Sunday to have any chance at succeeding in the postseason.

"I think everyone in here would say that," All-Pro right guard Zack Martin said, via ESPN. "But at the same token, I think these games are great learning experiences. When your back is against the wall and you have to make a game-winning drive at the end of the game, that stuff pays off down the road. So definitely don't want to be in that situation again, but the fact we were and got it done is big for our football team."

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