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Chargers coach Brandon Staley: J.C. Jackson underwent surgery to address discomfort, not ankle injury

J.C. Jackson's ankle surgery will keep him out for 2-4 weeks, but rest easy, Chargers fans: The operation wasn't intended to address an injury.

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley explained to reporters on Wednesday that Jackson's procedure was completed with the intent to address discomfort, not a legitimate ailment. Instead of hoping less invasive measures would alleviate the issue, the Chargers decided it was best to operate and move forward without further problems.

"It's more of a comfort level when he will decelerate at times," Staley said, via The Athletic. "It's just more about his peace of mind moving forward, to do it now. That's what he wanted to do and we supported that."

Staley added: "He tried the rehab part of it and an injection and he just felt like if we can get this thing done that he's going to be full speed and there's no turning back. And again, I can't state it enough, there's not an injury with his ankle."

Jackson's timetable for return will depend on how quickly the surgical wound heals, Staley said. If it heals quickly, Chargers fans can expect the prized offseason acquisition to get back on the field near the shorter end of his 2-4 week timeframe. If not, it might require the full four weeks.

Jackson underwent the surgery after sitting out of Monday's practice, and the news came as a bit of a surprise because Jackson didn't suffer a disclosed injury prior to the procedure. Now, Jackson will wait for the area to heal before he can resume his transition from New England to Los Angeles, where he's expected to form one half of a solid cornerback tandem with youngster Asante Samuel Jr.

Los Angeles opens the regular season against the AFC West rival Las Vegas Raiders on Sept. 11 at SoFi Stadium.

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