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Cameron Jordan hopes to sign one more deal with Saints before retiring

Cameron Jordan's career in New Orleans has already earned him a permanent place in Saints lore.

With 115.5 career sacks -- one more than fellow future Pro Football Hall of Famer J.J. Watt -- eight Pro Bowls and one All-Pro to his name, Jordan doesn't have to argue his standing among the best of his era. How he goes out, though, isn't guaranteed to include a storybook ending.

That could change with one more contract -- at least, that's what Jordan said on Monday.

"If we get a deal done, that'll be probably the final years of my career here," the Saints defensive end said, via the Associated Press. "Whatever happens, happens. In terms of how we play, how we want to attack offenses, that's what I'm here for."

Debating Jordan's role in what will be his age-34 season is a waste of time at this point in his career. He's made a living pursuing quarterbacks and opposing ball-carriers, and that won't change in however many seasons he has left. But he also knows time is running out on his career -- a reality he might even welcome.

When asked what he enjoys about the Saints' annual charity golf outing, where he was speaking to the press, Jordan explained he likes seeing "a lot of old time players, a lot of OGs of the game," adding he "can't wait to be one one day."

He's already welcoming appreciation for what he's achieved in his career, even if it's not yet finished.

"I can be active -- active Hall of Fame me, don't give me my flowers once I'm gone," Jordan said with a smile during an interview with Saints reporter Erin Summers. "Give me my flowers now. Give me my bouquet!

"With that being said, it doesn't matter to me whether it's today, tomorrow, a few years from now. I'm in the mindset of where I love what I've created behind me and I love what I'm headed toward. I enjoy being a part of the D-line, I enjoy being a part of the Saints in every aspect and every facet. So as long as they have me, I'm here."

It's likely Jordan's next deal will not be lengthy. It sounds, though, as if that's just fine with him. He's not yet ready to retire, but knows he's undoubtedly somewhere on the back nine of his career.

In today's age of player movement, it's become increasingly rare to see franchise legends retire with the same team that drafted them. Jordan, however, seems to be in line to achieve just that with the Saints, provided they can work out a deal and ensure he won't fade into the background.

"I had a talk with myself maybe a year or two ago, and I don't have the ability to do a not-playing role," Jordan said.

We'll see if Jordan and the Saints can work out a final contract to ensure he walks away in the same uniform in which he began his legendary career.

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