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NFL fines Buccaneers' Tom Brady $11,139 for kicking Falcons' Grady Jarrett on roughing the passer play

Tom Brady's instant reaction to getting sacked will hurt his pockets a bit.

The NFL fined Brady $11,139 for attempting to kick Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett as he was getting up after sacking Brady in the fourth quarter of their Week 5 game, NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero reported. Jarrett exuberantly picked himself up from the Raymond James Stadium turf, celebrating what he believed was a crucial play in a one-score game, and was required to step over Brady in the process, drawing a displeased reaction from Brady, who kicked upward at Jarrett.

The kick didn't strike Jarrett, but the intent was enough to cause the league to fine Brady.

The play attracted plenty of attention due to Jarrett being flagged for roughing the passer, a call deemed questionable at best by most who viewed it. Brady later described the hit as "a long hug, a long unwelcome hug from Grady," while Jarrett maintained he didn't violate any rules by taking down Brady, saying "when you do it the right way, that's what makes it so frustrating because you did follow the rules."

It was a significant play that would have given the Falcons the ball with a chance to respond, but instead produced a fresh set of downs for Tampa Bay; the Bucs eventually won, 21-15. It also drew a small fine for Brady, whose Buccaneers head to Week 6 atop the NFC South.

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