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Browns CB Greg Newsome II 'mad' at rumors he requested trade: 'I truly adore Cleveland'

For roughly four hours last week, Browns fans became worried one of their star players might want out.

By the end of the day, Greg Newsome II's representation clarified matters: He had not requested a trade from the Browns, and he's happy in Cleveland.

A week later, Newsome is still irritated by the erroneous report that framed him as a malcontent.

"I was mad [about the report]," Newsome said Tuesday, via team transcript. "I really just don't think people really, truly understand how much -- first of all -- Cleveland means to me. Getting drafted here, the fans embracing me right away. I really just don't understand something like that. I wouldn't do that. I truly adore Cleveland. I was definitely mad."

An explanation could be found in the fact Newsome changed agents recently, switching to well-known representative Drew Rosenhaus, who clarified his new client's feelings shortly after the report was first published. Newsome clarified he did not switch agents "to try to get me out of here," but "because I think for my career, it will help me in the long run."

Rumblings of Newsome's displeasure with the Browns weren't entirely unbelievable. The former first-round pick voiced his disdain for playing in the slot last season, a role former defensive coordinator Joe Woods forced Newsome into due to the successes of Denzel Ward and rookie M.J. Emerson on the outside. Cleveland has since replaced Woods with veteran coach Jim Schwartz, and Newsome's concerns about his role have subsided.

"I think that was last year's issue," Newsome said. "Now, with a new defensive coordinator, just being able to sit down, talk to him, see a new scheme and things like that. I feel like last year, I was more of a linebacker in certain instances than an actual cornerback. Talking to Jim Schwartz and being able to get in his new scheme, I feel like we will work very well together."

The 6-foot, 192-pound Newsome clarified he didn't have a problem with playing slot necessarily, but how the slot corner was used in Woods' system, explaining, "I was more of a linebacker than a cornerback." Newsome is, of course, not built to play linebacker, and excels in coverage, not at spending his time in the box trying to stop the run.

With all of that settled and Newsome happy to be with the Browns, all that's left to do is get to work -- and to ignore any further rumors of him wanting out.

"Yeah. I'm super excited," Newsome said of playing under Schwartz. "His track record speaks for itself. Just the way he uses his defensive line is going to help us corners so much more. Just getting to talk to him, seeing how the scheme is going to be ran. I am super excited."

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