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Bills' Von Miller on working with Greg Rousseau: 'It's like polishing a diamond'

Von Miller left the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams this offseason, crossing the country to join a Buffalo Bills squad on the cusp.

The two-time Lombardi lifter believes he can help get the back-to-back AFC East champs over the playoff hump.

"I could have just stayed in LA and just rode off into the sunset and just rushed with Aaron Donald and piled up sacks but I wasn't content," Miller said Tuesday. "I wasn't content with where I was at. I still wanted more. ... I just want to be part of something special. This is a special team. They're right on the edge, and I just wanted to be that last drop to overflow these guys."

Miller is seeking to become the first NFL player to win three Super Bowls with three different teams.

The 33-year-old proved last year he has plenty left in the tank, earning four sacks during the Rams' postseason run.

Joining a Bills squad with some young pieces on defense, Miller brings a championship edge to the rushing group. Last season's first-round pick Gregory Rousseau is one example of the talent Buffalo boasted before Miller arrived. Asked how he's helping the 22-year-old grow his game after a four-sack rookie season, Miller said he's just there to help him with the mental aspect and mindset of what it takes to win in January.

"It's like polishing a diamond," Miller said when asked about Rousseau Tuesday. "You really don't have to change his … To me, I really don't try to change guys, I just try to really see what they're thinking, really see their approaches, see their mindset. Cause we're all different players, but one thing we can really bounce off each other is our mindset. I give him my mindset, I give him my view of things and hopefully he can learn from that. That's all the pass rush summit is. It's not a place where we can go change guys, it's just we can bounce off each other, kind of sharpen the knife, that's what I do with G. He's big, tally, rangy. I could never play the game, but when it comes to mindset and the things I can control, those are the ideas that we bounce off each other."

On a Bills team with no discernible holes, adding Miller to the mix brings Buffalo a proven playoff performer. The Bills could be polishing their diamond Super Bowl rings next year if all goes as planned.

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