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QB Josh Allen not concerned with Bills' title window: 'I believe in what we've got going on here' 

The pressure surrounding the Buffalo Bills in 2023 all revolved around one concept: the title window.

Just as it opens, the clock starts ticking on its closure. And after the Bills fell to the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs for a third time Sunday, Buffalo's title window again became a topic of conversation.

Josh Allen thinks it's irrelevant.

"No. Not at all," Allen said when asked if he's worried the Bills' window has closed. "I believe in what we've got going on here and the people that are in charge. I believe in myself. And that will never change."

Allen has reason to be optimistic about the future. Buffalo appeared to have found its replacement for Ken Dorsey in offensive coordinator Joe Brady, who oversaw a mid-season improvement that pushed the Bills into the Divisional Round of the playoffs. And the Bills did become a stronger team during their six-game winning streak, a span in which they couldn't afford to lose even once, and didn't.

Buffalo may have advanced to the AFC Championship Game if their health had been as strong as their offensive performance. But such talk is nothing more than time wasted dwelling on misfortune. Now, it's about gearing up for another run at football glory in 2024.

The Bills have items to cross off their checklist. Receiver Gabe Davis -- who was unable to play in Sunday's loss to Kansas City -- told reporters he will test free agency, potentially eliminating a trusted target for Allen. And as is the case with every winter, turnover is inevitable. Faces come and go. 

"There's probably going to be a lot of change, whether it's personnel, guys coming, guys not -- again, that's all speculation," Allen said. " ... I just gotta continue to keep working hard and bringing the guys that are here along, and keep trying to mesh everyone together."

Allen has been here before, which might make Monday's realization that much more painful. But he doesn't foresee the end of an era ahead. The three most important figures -- coach, GM and quarterback -- are all in place. The rest of the roster work will come in the months ahead, and then it will again be time to give it another go.

Maybe this loss will fuel Buffalo and Allen, who admitted Monday it "still feels surreal that we're not practicing today."

"It didn't feel like our season was done yet," Allen said. "Honestly, still doesn't feel that way. We had a lot of good things going in the right direction."

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