Bills QB Josh Allen admits he'll need 'to adapt and change' his playing style: 'Get down, slide and live to fight another down'

Father Time inevitably slows down everyone.

The soon-to-be-27-year-old Josh Allen already realizes this, having admitted that he'll likely have to soften his hard-charging playing style as he enters his sixth NFL season.

"It sounds crazy, but I'm getting older," Allen said on Tuesday. "I can't continue to do this. I know when I'm using my youth, I feel like I can, but over the course of my career I'm going to have to learn to adapt and change."

One of the preeminent quarterbacks in the game, Allen is also a dual threat whose rushing style sees him scramble as much as rumble. He's run for at least 421 yards each season, and since he carried the ball 89 times in 12 games during his rookie season, Allen has racked up at least 102 carries for four consecutive seasons.

Durable even with his rough-and-tumble style, Allen knows his body can only take so much punishment as the seasons -- and hits -- pile up.

Thusly, Allen believes he must make playing quarterback paramount as opposed to being an overall offensive threat.

"I've always had the mindset of, I've been a football player first and a quarterback second," Allen said, "and at some point that is going to have to switch. When that point is, I don't know. I guess I'll let my body tell me."

Allen's body of work has screamed aloud year after year that he's one of the most dangerous threats in the NFL -- by air or ground.

However, Allen, who dealt with an elbow injury for much of last season, is clearly realistic that it's only so long before he's going to need to emphasize playing smarter than harder. Perhaps that starts this season.

"There were some times last year where I'm in the open field, I don't need an extra two yards," Allen said. "Get down, slide and live to fight another down. Again, it's worked up to this point, but I understand that there's going to be a point in time where it's not going to work so well."

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