Bengals QB Joe Burrow ramping up activity in practice, looks to regain weight after appendectomy

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow's appendix needed to be addressed immediately. The timing certainly wasn't great, nor were the effects of the appendectomy Burrow underwent on July 26.

Now that he's back on the practice field, Burrow's not rushing himself. And after losing an unspecified amount of weight while following doctor's orders, he's also not holding back at the feeding trough.

"It was frustrating, but you control what you can control and so we're working back to get to that point," Burrow said on Wednesday, while revealing the specific nature of his injury was a ruptured appendix. "Not quite there but we got three weeks left to get my strength, my speed, and my athleticism back to where it was before.

"Got to go back to high-school days when you're trying to gain 20 pounds in a couple-week span."

Burrow didn't have the typical appendicitis, instead feeling some discomfort that prompted an examination that revealed a ruptured appendix. An immediate removal meant he'd be sidelined during training camp, forcing him to deal with yet another set of health-related challenges in his still-young career.

"Yeah, I'd like to have a normal offseason at some point," said Burrow, who rehabbed a knee injury last offseason and began his rookie year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "That'd be great going into the season feeling as good as I can. But that hasn't been the reality for three years, so you make the most of what you've got. We'll try again next year."

It could be worse, of course. The ruptured appendix could have been discovered in the middle of the season, forcing him to miss multiple games. Instead, he merely missed some practice and a preseason game that he likely doesn't need all that much.

After participating in practice on a limited basis Sunday, Burrow said he'll take part in the 11-on-11 portions of Bengals practice on Wednesday, but doesn't anticipate playing in the preseason. He believes he'll be able to partake in Cincinnati's joint practices with the Rams next week, though. And above all, the timing might end up proving to be a blessing.

"I think it will be OK," Burrow said. "I think we have a good plan as far as nutrition, weight room and rehab and all that good stuff. I'm feeling really good right now and just going to keep feeling better."

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