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Ask 5: Which NFL receivers are most like Alabama's Cooper?

Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper has been on fire to start this season. Through three games, Cooper leads FBS receivers with 33 receptions, and has compiled 454 yards and two touchdowns. He will easily eclipse his stat line from 2013 (45 catches, 736 yards, 4 TDs) and will likely top the numbers he posted in a breakout freshman season in 2012 (59 catches, 1,000 yards, 11 TDs).

The schemes of Lane Kiffin -- who is in his first year as Alabama's offensive coordinator -- tend to feature a single, standout wide receiver. Before Cooper at 'Bama, Kiffin had Robert Woods (now with the Buffalo Bills) and Marqise Lee (in his rookie season with the Jacksonville Jaguars) to emphasize while at USC.

When evaluating top college players, NFL scouts will often compare them to previous players that they've graded. Who does Cooper remind you of? I've reached out to five NFL personnel executives to see what they had to say.

Executive 1: Odell Beckham
"He reminds me of Odell Beckham Jr. Both guys have great speed and route-running savvy. They always look like the fastest guy on the field."

Executive 2: Marqise Lee
"He's similar to Marqise Lee, but Cooper is a superior route-runner and he has slightly better ball skills."

Executive 3: Jordy Nelson
"I don't have an ideal comparison, but I see some similarities to Jordy Nelson. He has a great feel as a route runner. He sets up defenders, he changes gears and he's elusive after the catch."

Executive 4: Santonio Holmes
"Santonio Holmes is a good comp. They are both smooth athletes with outstanding football instincts. They don't have elite size, but they make up for it with speed, toughness and playmaking ability."

Executive 5: Roddy White
"Roddy White. He's sneaky fast, very physical, tough and dependable. He's a guy you want to get the ball in the clutch."

Verdict: Sometimes there isn't an obvious NFL comparison, but all five players mentioned above share a playmaking quality and route-running savvy. Those are traits that carry over to the NFL.

Conclusion: Cooper shares a central theme to all five of those comparisons, and each receiver is explosive and possessses an ability to run pass routes effectively.

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