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2023 NFL season: Which team should play in the most prime-time games?

The full 2023 NFL regular-season schedule will be unveiled on NFL Network,, the NFL app and NFL+ at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 11. One of the most highly anticipated aspects of the schedule release: the night-game assignments.

Last season, the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Chargers each played in a league-high six prime-time games, matching the amount played by the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs in the 2021 campaign. Before learning which teams will be featured in these coveted games throughout the NFL's 18-week slate, we asked our analysts to answer the following question:

Which NFL team should play in the MOST prime-time games in the 2023 season?

Jeffri Chadiha

PICK: New York Jets

There was plenty of anticipation about Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets, and there will be even more now that he actually is their starting quarterback. The schedule also sets up for some high-stakes contests. Along with the annual AFC East opponents, the Jets will meet the Eagles, Chiefs, Giants, Chargers and Cowboys. All of those teams made the playoffs last year. All will create entertaining matchups for Rodgers and his new teammates.

Marc Ross

PICK: Kansas City Chiefs

Last week, upon answering another debate question, I explored the Chiefs' opponents for the 2023 season -- and wow, is their slate loaded! There is a lot of intrigue within the division -- Patrick Mahomes vs. Justin Herbert rarely disappoints -- but Kansas City's non-division slate is unbelievable. And no matter who/when the Chiefs are playing, one thing is clear: Everyone wants to watch the Michael Jordan of football in the No. 15 jersey. The NFL should make Mahomes as accessible as possible.

Headshot_Author_Adam Rank_2019_png
Adam Rank

PICK: Jacksonville Jaguars

I know everybody is going to be super chalky and go with selections like the Chiefs, Eagles and Bears. But the team that demands your respect? The team that must be on your TV? It's the Jacksonville Jaguars. They have the makings of a top-10 defense -- oh, and one of the best young QBs in the world in Trevor Lawrence. We need this in prime time. 

Judy Battista

PICK: New York Jets

Yes, they have Aaron Rodgers with perhaps a tiny chip on his shoulder, trying to make the Jets' lone Lombardi Trophy a little less lonely. Add to that the fact that the Jets have a boffo slate of opponents. Dates with the Chiefs, Eagles, Chargers, Cowboys, Giants, Bills and Dolphins (twice each with those last two divisional foes) are marquee games on the league calendar. Who doesn't want to see Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes, and Rodgers vs. Jalen Hurts, and Rodgers vs. Josh Allen? Keep going and that's a pretty great prime-time lineup.

David Carr

PICK: Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson collected his money, and the Ravens locked in their quarterback. Both sides got what they wanted. Now the NFL should give the people what they want: Jackson in prime time. When he's healthy, the veteran quarterback is one of the most electric players in the league. I don't care who the opponent is, though Baltimore does have some intriguing non-division matchups, with the Jaguars, 49ers, Chargers, Dolphins, Seahawks and Lions all on the coming slate. Bottom line: Lamar should get more opportunities under the lights to prove why he's the NFL's highest-paid player.

Brian Baldinger

PICK: Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have the best player in the NFL running their offense in Patrick Mahomes, and he never disappoints. He draws you in, practically making you watch his every move. Even with all of the success the Chiefs have enjoyed with Mahomes under center the last five years, they routinely answer the bell from opponents who put a bull's-eye on their back. Kansas City is again the measuring stick for every team in the league in 2023, and I won't be surprised if the Chiefs get at least six prime-time games this fall. I wouldn't mind that at all.

Maurice Jones-Drew

PICK: New York Jets

The Jets have had their sights set on prime time all offseason long, and now that Aaron Rodgers is in the building, it only feels fitting to put them under the lights. They don't just have Aa-Rod, though. This team features both reigning Rookies of the Year in Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner, a pass rush that's second to none, a fiery head coach in Robert Saleh and a few extra ex-Packers for good measure. The drama is about to unfold, for better or worse, and it should happen in the spotlight for all to see.

Kevin Patra

PICK: Kansas City Chiefs

Isn't it obvious?! Patrick. Lavon. Mahomes. II.

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