2019 NFL rookie rankings: Raiders in top 5 entering final quarter

With the 2019 NFL regular season heading into its final quarter, former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah has reviewed his notes from this campaign to rank the top 25 rookies in the league today.

NOTE: Arrows reflect changes from the midseason rookie rankings.

Team: San Francisco 49ers | Position: Edge rusher

Bosa has slowed down a little bit, but he's still disruptive on a weekly basis. His ability to stack blocks and hold the point of attack is a very underrated aspect of his game.

Team: Oakland Raiders | Position: RB

Jacobs has surpassed the 1,000-yard mark and looks to be getting stronger as the season winds down. I love his contact balance between the tackles.

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars | Position: Edge rusher

Allen continues to rack up pressures and sacks for the struggling Jaguars. His athleticism leaps off the screen.

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers | Position: LB

Bush has been a tackling machine and he's outstanding vs. the pass.

Team: Oakland Raiders | Position: Edge rusher

Crosby, a fourth-round selection, has been the best value pick in the entire draft. He uses his length and athleticism to generate consistent pressure in the passing game.

Team: Arizona Cardinals | Position: QB

Murray is coming off a pedestrian performance against the Rams, but he's played well overall this season. I love the way the ball jumps out of his hand.

Team: Carolina Panthers | Position: Edge rusher

It's been a rough year for the Panthers, but Burns has been a bright spot. He wins off the edge with a combination of speed and effort.

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Position: LB

White has really come alive the past few weeks. He collected 2 sacks against Atlanta in Week 12 and followed that up with an interception against the Jaguars in Week 13.

Team: Seattle Seahawks | Position: WR

Metcalf leads all rookies in receiving yards and he's produced several explosive plays in the Seahawks' offensive attack. He has some ball security issues that need to be addressed, but he's clearly outplayed his draft slot (64th overall pick).

Team: Washington Redskins | Position: WR

McLaurin is a polished route runner and he's also a very dynamic deep threat. He's a key building block for the Redskins' offense moving into the future.

Team: Tennessee Titans | Position: WR

Brown has shown flashes of brilliant route running combined with a physical approach after the catch.

Team: Buffalo Bills | Position: DT

Oliver is coming off his best game of the season and he's starting to look like the player I studied at the University of Houston. His quickness is off the charts.

Team: Baltimore Ravens | Position: WR

Brown missed some time due to injury, but he's picked right up where he left off. His speed is obvious, but he's also earned the trust of Lamar Jackson in pressure situations.

Team: Washington Redskins | Position: Edge rusher

Sweat is long and very athletic. He hasn't put it all together yet, but he's shown flashes of dominant play.

Team: San Francisco 49ers | Position: WR

Samuel has outstanding game speed and toughness. He's the perfect fit in Kyle Shanahan's system.

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars | Position: QB

Minshew has been rightfully reinserted as the starter for the Jaguars. He had one terrible game in London, but otherwise he's been very impressive with his playmaking skills.

Team: Kansas City Chiefs | Position: S

Thornhill has displayed an outstanding mix of speed, instincts and playmaking skills. He keeps getting better every week.

Team: New York Giants | Position: QB

Jones hasn't played as well over the last month, but overall, he's impressed with his ability to make all of the throws. Ball security is an area where he needs to improve.

Team: Green Bay Packers | Position: OG

Jenkins has started all but two games this fall and he's been a steady, reliable force up front for the Packers.

Team: Green Bay Packers | Position: S

Savage has been a productive starter for the Packers. I believe the ball production will improve as he continues to grow and develop.

Team: Los Angeles Rams | Position: S

Rapp is an outstanding tackler and he's started to emerge as a playmaker in the Rams' secondary. He was always around the ball in college and as he gets more comfortable, we're starting to see the same from him at this level.

Team: New York Giants | Position: DT

Lawrence is a powerful run defender. He continues to impress with his ability to push the pocket and generate pressure.

Team: New Orleans Saints | Position: C

McCoy has started all 12 games this fall. His ability to anchor has been crucial for Drew Brees and the Saints' passing attack.

Team: Minnesota Vikings | Position: C

Bradbury continues to improve as a pass protector and he's always been very effective in the run game. He could emerge as one of the top centers in the league next season.

Team: Buffalo Bills | Position: RB

Singletary has seen an increase in touches during the last month and he's making the most of it. He is very elusive and runs with more power than expected.

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