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Headshot picture of Adam Rank

Adam Rank

Fantasy Analyst

Adam Rank was painfully mediocre in sports growing up. Though he tried hard (allegedly), he spent most of his time on the bench. Which gave him the perfect avenue and location to comment on sports instead of excelling in them. This didn't always make him very popular with people. In fact, instead of hitting the parties with the rest of his high school mates, Adam spent most of his time writing emails to local sports columnists, playing video games and reading comic books. And not cool comic books like "Batman" and other DC titles; dude read "Archie" comics. This is probably why he was voted most likely to never have a girlfriend by his classmates at Corona High School. 

Rank attended Cal State Fullerton and at the behest of Titans baseball coach Augie Garrido, got off the baseball field and into the press box where he might actually do some good. And surprisingly, he wasn't terrible. He wrote a "wildly" popular column and eventually parlayed a stringer gig at the "Los Angeles Times" into an internship with NFL Publishing. Rank would intern at NFL Publishing for three summers and when he finally graduated from school (in the time it would take most people to become a doctor), he just kept showing up for work. That was it. 

Internship was over, but Rank showed up for work the following Monday. At some point, the powers that be relented and just gave him a job. Seriously, Rank pulled the Costanza with the NFL and has never looked back. Since that time, Rank has worked for and NFL Network. He's written columns for the site (some great, some meh) and has appeared on TV shows such as NFL Fantasy Live, NFL Total Access and Good Morning Football: Weekend.

 In fact, Rank is one of the OG players from NFL Fantasy Live, where he's become sort of the Tim Meadows of the show; the guy who just would never go away. 

And then that would probably make "That Helps No One" his version of "The Lady's Man" or something. So a movie must be in the works? And now, well, he's still unpopular with his high school friends, though it won't stop them from hitting him up for fantasy advice on Facebook and Twitter. But he does read cooler comic books and has a child now. So it hasn't all been a total waste.